Policy provides standards for professional appearance

It’s not exactly the fashion advice found on the popular TV show What Not to Wear, but a revised Professional Appearance Policy is providing University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics employees and volunteers with standards about what they can wear at work.

In effect since 2004, the Professional Appearance Policy provides standards of professional appearance for all non-uniformed, on-duty UI Hospitals and Clinics or UI Health Care staff, faculty physicians, house staff physicians and dentists, students, and volunteers.

ApparelPolicy-JoeLast fall, changes to the policy were approved by the University Hospital Advisory Committee, and was effective Sept. 3, 2014. Below are highlights of the recent revisions to the policy that employees should be aware of and complying with.

  • Lanyards are prohibited. ID badges must be clipped on at the breast pocket or lapel level with picture and name forward, immediately visible to patients, visitors, and other staff.
  • In order to promote a fragrance-free environment, staff will not wear perfume or other scents.
  • Tattoos, piercings, and body art with wording, images, or placement (e.g., tongue) that are inappropriate or offensive in a professional work environment must be covered or removed during work time.

In addition, revised apparel standards include:

  • No denim clothing of any type
  • No T-shirts
  • No fleece apparel
  • No open-toed shoes in clinical areas
  • No clothing that is too tight, too short, too form fitting, too loose fitting, or exposes cleavage, undergarments, or mid-section
  • No holiday or event-themed costumes

The policy does not apply to staff required to wear a UI Carver College of Medicine identification badge, or to non-clinical personnel in off-site locations.

For questions about the policy, contact your supervisor, manager, department head, or departmental HR representative.