Top 4 FAQs on free patient parking and more affordable patient visitor parking

In case you didn’t hear, free patient parking and more affordable passes for our patients’ visitors both begin on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

Since we first made the announcement, the most common questions we’ve received from staff are:

1. What happens to the parking fees?

UI Health Care does not keep any of the parking fees. The fees are collected directly by UI Parking and Transportation and are used to operate, maintain, and invest in parking facilities.

2. Where can I as an employee park, if I’m parking for work during the daytime?

Several parking locations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to employees without parking permits to use and pay the hourly rate. These include two long-term meter parking locations—Finkbine Commuter Parking Lot and Hawkeye Commuter Parking Lot—and three hourly parking facilities: Hospital Parking Ramp 3, Field House Parking Lot, and Newton Road Parking Ramp. UI employees parking in Parking Ramps 1, 2, or 4 may receive a citation if they’re not parking for a medical visit or don’t have a permit.

Temporary and monthly permits: For the Hawkeye Commuter Lot, you can get a temporary permit or a monthly permit, typically with no wait list. Temporary permits can be purchased in advance or day of by visiting the Parking Office in the West Campus Transportation Center, next to Hospital Parking Ramp 3. Most other parking lots require putting yourself on a wait list: learn more about employee parking and see the campus parking map.

3. I’m an employee with a medical appointment; where can I park?

UI employees here for a medical visit can park in any of the hospital parking ramps for the duration of their medical appointment. You’re encouraged to print your Patient Parking Pass (which gives you free parking) ahead of time in your MyChart account and display it on your vehicle’s dashboard to avoid a parking citation. If you forgot to print it out ahead of time, get your pass from your clinic or unit, and show it to the cashier as you leave. If you receive a citation while parking for a medical appointment, it can easily be cancelled. More information is available on the Parking and Transportation website.

4. Do patients get free parking if they’re here just picking up a prescription?

No, an encounter in Epic needs to happen for the system to print a Patient Parking Pass. But if they’re here less than 30 minutes, parking is free, and 31 to 60 minutes is only 60 cents.

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  1. May parking pass be reprinted if they printed at home and left it there, or if they loose it somewhere in the hospital.
    Also – for split / blended families; can the Mom and Dad each have a parking pass ? Thank you

    • Hi Cheryl, answers to your questions here:
      1. If they lose their pass, yes the patient can return to the clinic or unit to get a new one.
      2. No, unfortunately there is only one parking pass provided per patient.

        • No, patients will receive one free parking pass per outpatient visit. For admitted patients, the patient will receive one free parking pass at time of discharge.

  2. I have 2 questions will you be able to tell if one has been printed already? Will they only get one when they are discharged?

    • We are exploring options to track the printing of parking passes, but will not have any print monitoring in place by 12/3. The current parking pass printing functionality is the equivalent of printing a report out of Epic or MyChart. The preferred workflow is to provide a patient with a parking pass on the day of discharge, prior to the patient being formally discharged within the Epic system.

  3. Technically there is an EPIC encounter when patients get prescription filled here at the hospital. This should be addressed for patients picking up prescriptions. Willow, which is a system to EPIC logs what patients fill.

    • C, good point, but patients picking up a prescription filled at the hospital will not be provided a pass for free parking. It would also be important to inform our patients that mail-order options are offered for many of our pharmacy products for no charge to the patient. By reminding them of this option, they would have the benefit of receiving their prescriptions at home and not have to travel to the hospital for prescription pick-up or refills.

  4. I have an appt at the U on 12/13. If I print my parking pass off ahead of time from MyChart, should I still use my badge that I use to get into the ramps on weekends or should I get a ticket upon entering?

    • If you’re parking as a patient, get a spitter ticket as you enter and don’t use your access card. Also make sure you have your Patient Parking Pass.

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