Patient experience newsletter Nov. 2019

Monthly updates from the Office of the Patient Experience

Thanking the people who get our patients and visitors where they need to be

Janet Montross is often seen driving the PAT Mobile on Level 2 of UI Hospitals & Clinics

National Patient Transport Week is Nov. 3–9. Each day at UI Hospitals & Clinics, our patient escorts in Guest Services:

  • Transport an average of 245 patients and visitors
  • Give over 115 people a ride on the PAT mobile
  • Deliver over 125 wheelchairs to units and clinics
  • Walk an average of 10 miles a day

They cover a lot of hospital space while helping folks get where they need to go. “Everyone was outstanding,” said a grateful patient recently. “From the greeter to the person who wheeled me to the clinic and returned me to my car. Many thanks to all.”

Patient comments about courtesy


  • “There’s a lot of choices of food in the menu. The staff that delivers the food are courteous, and food is on time.”
  • “Someone (staff) would stop and see we were looking where to go and say need any help. Very courteous and offering w/out us asking.”
  • “Very excellent hospital, doctors, nurses. All very helpful and courteous. Would recommend this hospital to everyone.”
  • “Your (UIHC) nursing and backup staff (clerks, aides, etc.) are excellent. They were extremely pleasant, courteous, caring, and gave personalized care.”
  • “Was treated very well and with respect of my needs and wants. The whole floor was very friendly and courteous. All the nursing staff, helpers, and assistants were very good.”
  • “I was admitted on an emergency basis. The admission process occurred in my room not long before charge. The young man was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and helpful.”
  • “Everyone was extremely courteous and professional. Awesome experience.”
  • “Everything was on time that day. In the past, if my doctor has been running behind, the staff has been excellent and courteous about it, making sure that I have everything I need to make my wait as pleasant as possible.”
  • “EXCELLENT service and care!! We would rate our experience ‘far exceeded our expectations!’ We are so grateful for the amazing care our children received! We are especially thankful for the staff’s knowledge to address the needs of our children AND the courtesy/respect we received as a family. This was truly one of the best healthcare experiences we have ever had. Thank you so much!!”

  Missed the mark

  • “Not all reception staff are welcoming. Some were rude and seemed annoyed with visitors.”
  • “All rooms should be private. Nurses not courteous and were even loud at station and in all. Not conducive to healing.”
  • “Nurse was very rude and didn’t explain very much.”
  • “Over an hour late is very rude on your part. You could have told me to come later.”
  • “The nurse that checked me in the exam room could at least attempt to not be a snappy rude person.”
  • “When I asked the receptionist if I owed a co-pay, she was VERY snappy and rude. Since I had never been there before, I thought this was uncalled for. I was just making sure I didn’t owe anything.”
  • “We waited for over an hour to be put in a room to see the doctor. No explanation or apology from nursing staff. Treated rudely by nurse. Patients arrived after us and were taken before us.”
  • “Very rude, very rushed, she was in a bad mood, wouldn’t listen to me about med changes and jammed the thermometer in my ear.”
  • “They were rude and very mean…I over heard them talking about my family in a huddle…I was ready to walk out of the hospital and leave..they made us feel very uncomfortable.”
  • “This Dr. had the worst bedside manner and he was rude to the young female intern working with him.”

The do’s and dont’s of donations

The giving season is almost here! Read about what to do if people bring donations to your work area, items we cannot accept, and how to make donations to UI Hospitals & Clinics: The do’s and dont’s of donations

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