Patient Experience newsletter, June 2019

Monthly updates from the Office of the Patient Experience

New notary guidelines

New guidelines have been developed for UI Hospitals & Clinics regarding notary service. The guidelines were developed in coordination with Hospital Legal, Care Coordination Division, Department of Nursing Services and Patient Care, Patient and Financial Services, Office of the Patient Experience, and Concierge Services.

The guidelines give specific information regarding forms that hospital notaries can and cannot notarize, and procedures to follow for inpatient and outpatient notary needs, including advanced directives. Also included are notary options for staff and faculty.

The UI Hospitals & Clinics Notary Service Guidelines are posted on The Point under Guest Services: Read the updated guidelines.

For questions or more information please contact Sheri Austin, UI Hospitals & Clinics Concierge Services, at 319-356-1900 or

New library resources for visually challenged

The two hospital libraries have been expanding their resources available for visually challenged patients. These resources can also benefit other patients, such as those with low-literacy or English as a second language (ESL). There are more materials available specifically for ESL, low-literacy, and patients with communication challenges such as sign language resources, picture dictionaries, and bilingual books.

Some of the visually challenged resources are:

  • Large print materials
  • Braille items, such as:
    • Books
    • Cards
    • Word board with Braille letters
    • Magazines
    • Information about the Iowa Department for the Blind Free Library
  • Video collection of popular titles with:
    • SDH captions for the deaf/heard of hearing
    • DVS descriptive video services for people with visual challenges
  • iPad/laptop with accessibility options (font size, high contrast, and Siri)
  • Magnifying items:
    • Magnifying glasses
    • Magnifying rectangular stand to place books
    • Ash Prisma: a device that displays magnified text electronically on a monitor
  • Reading glasses
  • Intel reader: an electronic device that will read text out loud

Questions? Call the Patients’ Library (Elevator F, Level 8) at 319-384-8908 or the Janice and Bruce Ellig Children’s Library at 319-678-5678.

Recent patient comments about compassion and empathy


  • “The nursing care was amazing! All the nurses were so skilled and compassionate.”
  • “The nursing staff was EXCEPTIONAL!! Professional, diligent, caring, attentive, kind, and compassionate. I was VERY impressed!”
  • “They made sure I was prepared to deal with my situation at home. Thoughtful, compassionate, and very informative.”
  • “Doctor and nurse were both very compassionate and explained everything.”
  • “I was very pleased at both the care we received and the compassion I was shown throughout the entire process.”
  • “Staff was great. They treated me like I was family and they showed genuine compassion.”
  • “The doctor was wonderful. He listened to questions and explained everything thoroughly. The other staff were great, too. Everyone was helpful and very compassionate.”
  • “So appreciated her honesty and ability to interact with me so I understood everything discussed—Also appreciated her compassion.”
  • “I was extremely impressed with the knowledge, compassion, and professionalism of the entire team that treated me. I was treated quickly and deliberately, with respect and kindness. My outcome was just as the doctor explained, my fears were calmed by the doctor and PA … can’t say enough good things about the team.”

 Missed the mark

  • “Took them an extremely long time and had no respect, compassion, or bedside manner.”
  • “Very uncompassionate and insensitive, acted like he though we were stupid.”
  • “The nurse who did my ultrasound was very ‘matter of fact.’ Not very friendly. Could have showed a bit more compassion to my feelings.”
  • “The MA I had was rude, no personality, and non compassionate, acted like it was a bother for me to be there, very little communication, otherwise my visit was wonderful.”
  • “Warmth, caring, compassion is gone – too large, too many patients – like cattle being run thru.”
  • “I believe the ____ team needs to use more compassion in their suggestion of treatment and eventual death!”
  • “When they put the drain in it was a REALLY bad experience and was terribly painful until removed 4 days later! The residents were NOT compassionate, nor caring!”
  • “One morning during rounds, I went blind in my left eye. I thought it was notable. The doctor doing rounds apparently didn’t. The lack of empathy wasn’t appreciated.”
  • “We had a terrible time getting our surgery date. It wasn’t that changes were introduced it was the lack of empathy during the process.”