Update: Routine nuclear medicine procedures to resume

Updated Tuesday, Nov. 29:

The nuclear medicine procedures impacted by a radioactive tracer shortage are expected to return to normal by Friday, Dec. 2. All routine studies during clinic hours have resumed. Emergency studies during the evening will resume Thursday, Dec. 1.

Please direct questions to Nuclear Medicine at 319-356-1911.

Previously published on Wednesday, Nov. 16:

The radioactive tracer used in several nuclear medicine procedures is currently in short supply globally.

What this means

In order to conserve current stock, several routine nuclear medicine procedures have been postponed.

This includes services such as myocardial stress tests, bone scans, lung scans, GI bleed scans, hepatobiliary scans, gastric emptying, lymphoscintigraphy scans, and other similar procedures. Due to the limitation, most on-call procedures will not be available overnight.

A normal supply of this radioactive tracer is expected to arrive during the first week of December.

Faculty and staff should reschedule patients with these planned routine procedures or find an alternative diagnostic procedure.


Questions or alternative options for care can be discussed with physician staff in nuclear medicine. For more information, please call the nuclear medicine scheduling desk at 319-356-1911.