New year, new program: Introducing the Quality Improvement Program

A new program brings together quality and safety initiatives across the patient care enterprise of University of Iowa Health Care.

The Quality Improvement Program consolidates three hospital-based groups: Operations Excellence; Clinical Quality, Safety, and Performance Improvement; and Nursing Quality. Consolidation of these groups into one entity will allow for greater collaboration and coordination of resources, as well as invigorating quality and safety initiatives across the enterprise.

Quality and safety is important because it is the right thing to do for our patients. By working and communicating together, the Quality Improvement Program will help ensure that every patient at UI Hospitals & Clinics receives care free of all preventable harm, is based on the latest evidence, and is consistent with their wishes and expectations. The team goals for the year include reducing overall length of stay, reducing infections in patients who have had surgery, and improving nurse and doctor communication as it relates to the patient experience.

With the launch of this new program, UI Hospitals & Clinics Chief Quality Officer Michael Edmond, MD, MPH, MPA, spent some time sharing what quality and safety means in health care, why it’s important, and how we can work together to ensure that UI Hospitals & Clinics provides the safest, highest-quality care for our patients and the community.



  1. With the inclusion of many ancillary services in CMS’ QPP program, it may be helpful to align our program with initiatives in the QPP. Some of the added services are only required to participate if they practice in a non-facility setting but as the program expands, it may include facilities.

  2. Patient safety is compromised everyday in this hospital due to the lack of staff in every department. We are unable to maintain staff, our wages are the lowest in the nation for nurses. Yet we continue to come to work because our patients depend on us. I take pride in my job and patient safety always come first with me.
    We have an outstanding hospital, due to the dedication of the staff that shown up every day to work and care for our patients. Unfortunately this is over looked most of the time. We accept patient even when there aren’t beds to put them in.
    I feel we taken for granted in that we are not paid what we are worth or recognized for our dedication and staying power. Administration has no idea how hard we work and how dedicated we are.

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