New guidelines established for minors interning in Carver College of Medicine research labs

A new set of guidelines for minors (individuals younger than age 18) who are completing non-paid internships or volunteering in research laboratories in the UI Carver College of Medicine was recently established.

The guidelines, which are effective immediately, comply with the UI minors on campus policy that was implemented in December 2017. The policy can be found in chapter 16, section II of the University Operations Manual.

The new rules do not apply to minors who are employed to work in Carver College of Medicine research labs; these individuals are covered under existing UI Health Care Human Resources (HR) procedures and policies. The guidelines also do not apply to minors who are visitors to research labs—children of faculty or fellows, for example.

The guidelines include new processes and registration for any minors performing internship duties in Carver College of Medicine research labs. For example, principal investigators (PIs) or individuals designated by PIs to supervise interns are required to undergo criminal background checks and complete a minors-on-campus training course through UI Employee Self Service (course no. WRM002) prior to supervising minors as interns. Also, a signed consent form from a minor’s parents is required before the minor can perform any internship duties.

The guidelines were developed in coordination with the UI Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, the UI Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and the UI Department of Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention.

For questions or more information, please contact Rob Piper, PhD, associate dean for research in the Carver College of Medicine, at 319-335-7842 or, or Keith Clasen, senior HR director with UI Health Care Human Resources, at 319-335-8994 or