New Alaris pumps, same functionality

Staff, please be aware that new BD Alaris infusion devices have been ordered for many patient care areas. They do look different but function exactly the same and have the same version of software that are older ones do.

This is what the old pump looks like:

And this is what the new pump looks like:

Questions? Contact Beverly Vermace at or 319-356-4527.


  1. Will the channels be interchangeable between the old and new or will we need to order channels specific to the brains we have available?

    • The channels will be interchangeable between the new and old version in addition so will the PC Units (brains). thanks for asking!

  2. Do these pumps address alarm fatigue for the in-patients, by sending an in alarm status to one of the in-patient health care providers and not alarming at the bed side?

    • These newer version of devices have the exact same version of software that our older devices have and function exactly the same. Although that may sound like a nice feature to have for patient safety reasons we still need them to alarm at the bedside.

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