Messaging templates switching order beginning Jan. 3

New messaging templates became available in Smart Web and Voalte on Aug. 2. These easy-to-use templates were developed to streamline communication with standardized messages that are clear and concise, providing all of the pertinent information in the first message.

To continue to strive for excellent communication amongst teams, the messaging templates will switch order the morning of Thursday, Jan. 3, with the Clinical Message template being No. 1 or the default. Therefore, if you are sending a non-clinical message, you will need to select the dropdown menu and choose #2_Free Text.

Leadership continues to promote the usage of the templates. You’ll save time, reduce the number of pages to providers, and improve communication among clinical teams.


Time frame expectations

  • STAT: Need at Bedside (immediate)
  • Routine: Callback or Orders (within 10 minutes)
  • Urgent Callback or Orders should be rare occurrences. If they do occur, these should be addressed quickly (less than 10 minutes), as actions requested may directly affect patient care. The sender may page again due to urgency.

When to escalate: There should be two paging attempts before escalating to a senior resident or attending.

Print this handout to share with your colleagues and hang in work areas.



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