Interface system maintenance, Aug. 15 at 9:30 p.m.

Health Care Information Systems will be performing system maintenance on the Cloverleaf Interface System Thursday, August 15, from 9:30 p.m. to approximately 9:40 p.m. (10 minutes). The maintenance will cause a temporary pause to Interfaces. Epic and other systems will continue to function normally. Interfaces will resume as soon as the maintenance is completed. Thank you for your patience.

This downtime will impact:

  • Bedside and anesthesia device data coming into Epic
  • Alaris pump data coming into Epic and programing going to the pumps
  • Pharmacy dispensing units and ScriptPro AFS
  • Orders and results to/from
  • Pathology (DI)
  • Blood bank
  • Reference laboratories
  • ECG (iECG)
  • Echo Cardiology (Xcelera)
  • Radiology (CareStream, PowerScribe, CareStream Native Voice, Syngo)
  • OB Ultrasound (R4)
  • PFT (SentrySuite)
  • Retinopathy screening (IDxDr)
  • Food and Nutrition (CBord)
  • Point of care lab tests (RALS, IStats)
  • Interventional Radiology (Mosaic)
  • Oneview
  • Transcription (Nuance)
  • Omnicell supply cabinets
  • Optiflex supply cabinets

Contact the HCIS Help Desk at 319-356-0001 if you have questions or experience problems as a result of this maintenance.

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