How the SWOT teams can help frontline staff

The Service Without Territory (SWOT) team provides timely assistance with bedside workflow fluctuations as well as other activities requiring critical care or clinical nursing expertise.

Although mainly utilized for difficult IV placements, the SWOT teams can support frontline staff in a multitude of ways.

Both SWOT teams can be found by searching “SWOT” on Voalte.

Medical SWOT Team — page 2307

BHS SWOT Team — page 3498

CWS SWOT Team – page 4335

  • Provide Critical Care Expertise (Call directly on Voalte if you are concerned about your patient.)
  • Code Green & SOS
  • Serve as clinical experts
  • Rapid Response/Code Blue
  • Short-term Assistance with Behavioral Health Issues
  • Assist with Assessments, Interventions, and Problem Solving
  • Port Access/De-Access
  • Problem Solving
  • Support Needs Across All Units Where Woman or Children Receive Care
  • Critical Care Transport
  • De-escalation Techniques
  • Assist With Busy Admissions, Transfers, and Discharges
  • ED Trauma/Support
  • Coping Skills
  • Rapid Response/Code Blue
  • Coude or Difficult Catheter Insertion
  • Therapeutic Communication
  • ED Trauma/Support
  • Difficult IV/Labs
  • Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Provide Specialty Procedures Including NG Bridles, TP Tube, CVC Repair
  • NG/IRIS/Bridle
  • Resource for all Restraints
  • Nurse Education for Off-Shift Nurses
  • Procedural Sedation
  • CRRT Restart