HealthCare ID and HawkID passwords to sync automatically

Starting on Tuesday, Oct. 1, your HealthCare ID (clinical/research systems) and your HawkID (campus-wide systems) will automatically synchronize, and you’ll no longer need to manually change both passwords. The sync will occur the next time you change either password after Oct. 1.

How it works

When you change either your HealthCareID or your HawkID password, the password tool will immediately change the other account’s password to match. For example, changing your HealthCareID password on your UI Health Care computer will automatically change your HawkID password for campus-wide sites like the Employee Self Service site—and vice versa. The synchronization happens in a matter of seconds, and there’s no need for you to change the other password manually.

To change your password, keep doing what you’re doing. The process has not changed, but now you’ll only need to change one password.

In addition, the password expiration has been changed to a full year for HealthCare IDs to match the existing HawkID requirements. Both HealthCareID and HawkID passwords have the same requirements (numbers, special characters, etc.).


Use either of these, and your password will get updated in both beginning Oct. 1:

Questions? Call the HCIS Help Desk at 319-356-0001 or email



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