Hand hygiene top performers, July 22–28

Congratulations to the units and job roles that achieved 100 percent hand hygiene during the week of July 22–28:

  • 2BT
  • 3BT
  • 4JPP
  • 7JPP, Short Stay
  • 8JCP
  • DOSA
  • PICU
  • Level 9 of UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital
  • Child life
  • Dietary
  • Lab
  • Med tech
  • Medical student
  • Nursing student
  • PA/ARNP/midwife
  • Pharmacy
  • PT/OT
  • Social work

Kudos to the units and job roles that achieved 90 percent or better hand hygiene adherence over the past week:

  • NICU
  • Physician
  • Housekeeping

Want more information on hand hygiene? Visit the Tableau interactive Hand Hygiene Dashboard to get updated data by unit and job role.

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