Give your feedback on health benefits by Sept. 19

As part of the Health Benefit Review announced last fall, the UI is asking all employees eligible for health benefits to give feedback on health benefit offerings. Your feedback is important as the review’s advisory committee considers recommendations for executive leadership. All eligible employees should have received the survey via email Sept. 5 and responses are accepted until Sept. 19. It takes five minutes, so check your email and fill yours out today.


  1. Other Health FSAs offered by other groups have a simple debit card associated with the account, rather than requiring submission of supplementary documentation from their insurance company. If the Health FSA could be made easier to use, it would make the benefit much more efficient for both the employees using it and the benefits office reviewing each charge.

  2. the prescription program is awesome! But as for the healthcare copay, as a merit employee, it is too expensive for me. I have neglected my health this year, because I cannot afford to go to a doctor.

  3. The insurance coverage is great on some things and not on others. The ER copay is ridiculous when you have to wait at least 8 hours to be seen. I think it should be free after so many hours. To be honest I will not go to the ER at the University anymore for this very reason. I go to Mercy co pay is the same and you in and out in short time. I also think it was ridiculous how we had to prove all of our dependents when this was already taken care of once.

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