‘Free Patient Parking’ flyers available for units/clinics

With free patient parking and more affordable passes for our patients’ visitors both beginning on Tuesday, Dec. 3, we’ve created a flyer for clinics and units to let people know.

Download the flyer. (updated Dec. 6)

Print them in out in color, or if you need color copies made for you, email the-loop@uiowa.edu and let us know how many copies you need. We also have a limited number of plexi-glass holders you can borrow to display the flyer on a countertop. They can be picked up in the Marketing and Communications office, W319 GH (Elevator BW, Level 3).

Free patient parking will also be advertised on the hospital digital signage, and patient reminder letters and wayfinding materials are in the process of being updated.


  1. It is important to note that it is actually $30 for a booklet of 5 passes, which then of course limits their cost to $6 per visit. We will not be selling individual $6 passes. Thank you!!

    • YES—The FREE PARKING SIGNS are mis-leading to EVERYONE!!!! They should NOT HAVE to pre-pay for parking… This has created a lot more hostility than needs to be—it needs to read-1 free out upon discharge—

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