COVID-19 Time Tracking

A web-based application has been developed to streamline and refine the time tracking process related to COVID-19. This process applies to exempt, non-bargaining staff at UI Health Care.

The web application will replace the Excel time tracking template and will be used to record administrative, management, and planning time directly related to COVID-19 and for time away from University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics due to reduced workload (at-the-ready).

Starting today, please use the web application instead of the Excel sheet.

All non-exempt and SEIU staff will continue using codes in ELMS to perform time tracking.

View time tracking codes (HealthCareID required).

For more instructions on how to use the web application, view our how-to document.



    • Yes, you can submit Excel sheets that are already completed. Finance asks anyone who has not completed the Excel sheets and everyone moving forward to use the web-based application.

  1. Is there a contact phone number or email for the Labor Pool set up for volunteers to screen at entrances?

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