Elevator D, Level 1 lobby and hallway to undergo flooring project June 15 to July 9

The Elevator D, Level 1 lobby and hallway to the Emergency Department will undergo phase 4 of a Terrazzo flooring project starting Monday, June 15, till July 9. The work will be phased to ensure access to the Emergency Department is open at all times.

Capital Management will provide signage to help direct patients, visitors, and staff.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Questions? Contact brian-mrozek@uiowa.edu.

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  1. Is the other D elevator ever coming back in use? Only having one elevator operational (other than the emergency card use elevator) is very time costly. Mainly staff with carts or wheelchairs that are unable to use the stairs are using this one elevator. It takes forever to use with only one car operating. Just curious!

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