Directory opt-out and visitor password systems

Facilities directory opt-out is a federal requirement. Opting out of the hospital directory allows patients to restrict our ability to disclose their demographic information. Please bear in mind:

  • Any patients may choose to opt out of the Facility Directory listing or restrict disclosure of information in the directory by verbally notifying their care team.
  • The notified care team member contacts the unit clerk and relays the patient’s request to opt out of the Facility Directory listing.
  • The clerk will document “Yes” in the “Private Encounter” field located on the Admission Info section. The Unit Manager tab will display patient’s name with a red background. The patient’s name will not be included on external census reports for hospital operators or Information Desk.
  • On “Patient Lists,” the “Private Encounter Flag” column will display “Yes” for this patient.
  • If someone inquires about a patient who has opted out of the Facility Directory, UI Hospitals & Clinics staff is to relate that there is “no information available” for the named patient.

It is against hospital protocol to utilize a password system to manage patient visitors. Please contact the Joint Office for Compliance at 319-384-8282 to discuss alternatives.