Update: Day of surgery check-in moving during Elevator H closure

Updated location as of Friday, Feb. 7:

The day of surgery check-in desk, formerly located in the Day of Surgery Lounge (Elevator H, Level 6), will temporarily relocate again to the “Day of Surgery Admissions” desk just inside the surgery area near Elevator H, Level 5. But with the Elevator H closure, patients are being directed to take Elevator I to Level 5. Signs will direct them to take a right off of the elevator and follow the hall until they see the “Day of Surgery Admissions” sign shown below.

A sign on Level 5, just north of the closed Elevator H. Patients checking in for surgery will take Elevator I and check in at this Day of Surgery Admissions desk.

Surgery will use this as the check-in desk effective Friday, Feb. 7, at least through the first 10 weeks of the Elevator H closure: until approximately Friday, April 10.

Patients with scheduled surgeries are being notified ahead of time where to go. For anyone who still comes to Elevator H, Level 6 to check-in, there will be a poster with instructions on how to get to the check-in desk. Staff members will also give directions and escort whenever possible.

The Day of Surgery Lounge on Level 6 will still be used for families waiting during surgery.

Questions? Email katie-sloane@uiowa.edu.

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  1. Yesterday as I was walking the hall there was at least 13 families/visitors standing at the elevator H stairwell on level 5 trying to determine how and where to go to the new check in. A few of us staff members gave thorough instructions or even took a few capable of taking the stairs 1 floor to another level. I think more signs and a hospital rep or 2 should be there for a week or so until things are a little more detailed and user friendly.

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