Complete your 2023 Conflict of Interest disclosure

As part of an annual process, you’re required to complete an online “Annual Disclosure of Outside Professional Activities and Interests” through the eCOI electronic disclosure system. This fulfills university reporting obligations of faculty, staff, and student employees to ensure that our academic, health care, business, research, and teaching endeavors are free of potential or actual conflicts of interest.

Your eCOI log-in link:

Please complete by April 30, 2023. Even if you have nothing to disclose, you still need to finalize the certification. If you’ve already submitted a disclosure in 2023, no additional action is required. For information about our Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy, see:

For additional questions, please contact:

  • UI Health Care questions: Sarah Younker, UI Health Care Conflict of Interest Office, at 319-384-5252 or
  • Research questions: Martha Hedberg, Conflict of Interest in Research Office, at 319-384-4256 or
  • Continuing Medical Education questions: Lori Raw, Division of Continuing Medical Education, at 319-335-8599