Changes made to hospital bylaws, leadership committee structure

University of Iowa Health Care leaders recently received approval to modify the UI Hospitals & Clinics bylaws, resulting in changes to the UI Hospitals & Clinics Hospital Advisory Committee and its various subcommittees.

At its Sept. 30 meeting, the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, approved the requested changes to the bylaws in order to implement a more collaborative, inclusive, and integrated governance structure for the patient care enterprise.

Effective immediately, the Hospital Advisory Committee (HAC) will change its name to the Clinical Systems Committee (CSC) and include the addition of a CSC co-chair—Matthew Howard, MD, chair and departmental executive officer of the Department of Neurosurgery—to serve alongside UI Hospitals & Clinics CEO Suresh Gunasekaran in leading the CSC.

Additionally, as part of the approved changes to the UI Hospitals & Clinics bylaws, existing subcommittees of the former HAC will become new subcommittees, consolidate with other subcommittees, or convert to working groups within a subcommittee as part of the new CSC. Gunasekaran and Howard will lead the restructuring of the CSC subcommittees, which will include the nomination process and appointment of subcommittee co-chairs and member rosters.

Members of the former HAC have been notified of the changes; additional follow-up meetings will be scheduled to formalize the transition to the new CSC structure and governance.

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