Outside stories are back in Noon News

Update Tuesday, Jan. 8:

We heard you loud and clear! The outside stories are back. Thanks to everyone for their respectful feedback.

You might notice something missing from Noon News next week. We’re trying something out: The outside stories will only be included on Fridays with the top stories from that week. Let us know what you think by commenting on this post or emailing noon-news@uiowa.edu.


  1. When I am so busy I can hardly take time to take a deep breath, the Noon News has been my only dependable source of outside news. I really hope you will reconsider this decision.

  2. The only reason I open the Noon News is to see the outside stories. The rest is of little interest to me.

  3. When we spend most of our hours here at the hospital, it is nice each day to keep up on the outside news each day.

  4. I really appreciate the outside news. I look at it everyday when I am on lunch. I would really appreciate it if you would re-consider this decision to remove it.

  5. For very busy hospital workers, the outside news is wonderful to have. Please reconsider your decision.
    At the end of the week the information will be much less current/useful.

  6. Outside news is one of the best parts of noon news! I read one or two of the articles nearly every day. I rarely get a chance to check out the headlines otherwise and love to see what bits of news will make it in.

  7. This is my little exposure to news since life is busy and it is a great mind reset in the middle of the day!The stories chosen are always interesting, please keep!

  8. Please reconsider. The Outside UI Health Care provides information on local events and activities, legislative changes, major national and international new as well as UI sports.

  9. Please include daily outside stories. It is a chance to catch up on the news. Thanks for providing the Noon News!

  10. Outside stories was a large part of why I looked forward to the Noon News every day. It would be great to have back!

  11. Please don’t take away the daily outside news stories! Sometimes that is the only news I get to read!

  12. Not sure why you decided to exclude that section; it’s helpful to see outside UI health care section. Please bring back daily.

  13. Please reconsider leaving the daily outside stories segment. It is of great interest and it will be old or not pertinent news if done only on Friday.

  14. The outside news is something I would really miss- it is a section from which I ALWAYS read something, and often tell my family about something I read. Please keep it!

  15. I support the change in format and feel that it is helpful to keep the focus on news specifically related to UI Healthcare, as it is already easy to obtain “outside” news from a variety of sources.

  16. I always skip to the bottom to read the outside stories. It’s one of the easiest ways for me to keep current with the national and local news.

  17. I think it is easy to miss local news. The Iowa and local news section of the Noon News was one of the few places I saw it. Please consider returning it.

  18. I, too, will greatly miss the outside news. Barring any chance of getting it every weekday; I’d be very interested in knowing why it has to be scaled back. Thanks for your hard work!

  19. Hands down a totally bad idea! I couldn’t begin to count the number of times a highlighted news article on Noon News provided me with “first contact” information, items that I wouldn’t have even known about if I hadn’t seen it first in Noon News. I don’t know who the brainiac is who thinks this is a good plan, but they really need to rethink their position.

  20. In my first department at UIHC the Outside News was always fun to discuss. Years later I still enjoy, and often pass on, the articles that get posted–I would hate to see them only on Fridays.
    I do like seeing Research opportunities listed, too!

  21. Agree with many others the outside news is the primary section of titles I review and often the only section that I read. Why was this changed?

  22. I really enjoy the outside news. I learn a lot from it. I don’t have cable and so checking the news app on my phone is my only source of outside news. Before I get to work I don’t always have time to check it. Noon news keeps me in the loop and I enjoy that part of it.

  23. Please keep the outside news! I love being able to read internal and external news headlines with my lunch! I look forward to it each day!

  24. I pick up the noon news to read the outside news. When done with that, I sometimes look at the rest of items.

  25. I am in agreement with what everyone else said. Don’t cut the outside stories down to once a week. As you can see it will disappoint a lot of your readers. Thank you

  26. Thanks for responding and correcting something that clearly meant a great deal to many. We all need the comfort of being heard- an increasing rarity. Good work.

    • Thank you, Jessica–we’re always open to feedback and want to give our readers the kind of communications they want to read. 🙂

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