Certain outpatient COVID-19 therapies now available for providers to prescribe

Due to supply contraints, access to certain outpatient COVID-19 therapies (Paxlovid, molnupiravir, and monoclonal antibodies) has previously been vetted by a patient assessment process.

Now, starting Thursday, May 5, providers will be able to prescribe Paxlovid or molnupiravir to patients meeting Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) criteria by using the order set “UIHC:COVID ANTIBODY THERAPY OUTPATIENT.”

For more information on these outpatient COVID-19 oral treatments, visit the COVID-19 Clinical Information page.

Prescriptions can be e-prescribed to select UI Health Care pharmacies (Discharge Pharmacy, Iowa River Landing Pharmacy, River Crossing Pharmacy) or any external pharmacy that has received shipments of COVID-19 therapies.

Supplies of these medications are still allocated by the Iowa Department of Public Health and quantities remain limited. If prescribing to external pharmacies, it is advised to call prior to sending a prescription to confirm their supply of therapies.

At this time, the pharmacist group will continue to practice under the collaborative practice protocol (CPP) and order/schedule all monoclonal antibody administrations for covid-positive patients until a workflow for providers to order antibody treatment is finalized.