7JPP and 5S changes effective June 19

Several changes are underway as part of our plan to manage our continually high patient census and improve patient care. On Tuesday, June 19, 2018:

  • The Medical Observation Unit (also referred to the Observational Short Stay Unit) will relocate from 5 South (5S; Elevator C, Level 5) to 7 John Pappajohn Pavilion (7JPP; Elevator J, Level 7).
  • The Adult Acute Medicine Unit will open on 5 South.

7JPP Medical Observation Unit

The seven-bed Medical Observation Unit, also referred to as the “Observation-Short Stay Unit,” is designed to care for patients who require medical observation, evaluation, and treatment for conditions that do not require admission to an inpatient unit. The patient population for medical observation is diverse, including patients with abdominal pain, back pain, headaches, and syncope. In addition to clinical management, care focus includes a strong emphasis on comprehensive patient education and discharge teaching. If an outpatient needs be admitted, the unit’s care team will work with the Admission Transfer Center for priority placement on an inpatient unit.

The Medical Observation Unit will continue to improve patient care, safety, and length of stay.

5 South Acute Medicine Unit

This 13-bed, private room unit is for adult acute care. Like our other inpatient units, 5 South will provide a multidisciplinary approach to patient care that encourages teamwork among physicians, nursing staff, therapy staff, social workers, pharmacists, and a variety of other consulting disciplines to provide the most comprehensive care for our patients.

The care of adults treated here have a variety of medical diagnoses, including, but not limited to:

  • Diseases or disorders of the pulmonary system, gastrointestinal system, renal system, endocrine system, circulatory system, and neurological system
  • Infectious diseases
  • Dermatological disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders

These patients will require an inpatient admission and be followed by the hospitalist teams.

The opening of this unit will help reduce the Emergency Department’s high census and help with co-location of the general medicine patients. This will allow decreased numbers of medical patient on surgical units.

Contact information

For 7JPP Medical Observation and 5 South Acute Medicine Units:

Better patient care and room for growth

These changes are part of the strategic bed planning initiative that will improve the quality and efficiency of our patient care, help us manage our capacity, and plan for future growth.

These changes on June 19 will create an additional seven beds.

“We know that the number of patients that we care for continues to increase, so we are continually evaluating and planning how we can provide care in a more efficient way and in locations that are better for our patients as well as our care teams,” says Emily Ward, BSN, RN, MBA, CCRN, associate chief nurse executive.

By spring 2019, through a multitude of projects, a total of 21 new inpatient beds will be created to accommodate growth, for a total of 828 beds.

But it’s not enough to add beds or transition patients, warns Ward. “In order to achieve success, a number of process change initiatives are also underway, such as reducing length of stay,” she adds.