2022 year-end COVID-19 numbers

PATIENT-RELATED CARE* 2022 year-end total

COVID-19 adult inpatients 



COVID-19 pediatric inpatients 

(age <18 years old)



% Positive symptomatic COVID-19 test results**



Telehealth Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI) screening (telephone & video 

appointments) ***



ILI clinic visits***



* Numbers reflect only patients seen within UI Health Care, which includes patients from all counties seen here in Iowa City. They will not match the totals reported by the Iowa Department of Public Health due to report timing and scope. Numbers are reported only Monday through Friday and might not reconcile from one day to the next. 

**Percent of individuals with COVID-19 symptoms who had positive test results.

***The appointment status may have been updated after the numbers appear here.