2021 Corridor Corporate Games
Published on 4/7/2021

The Corridor Corporate Games (CCG) is a company-based competition that offers sports and events during June and July throughout the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area. University of Iowa Health Care will earn points through participation, event placing, and volunteering as we compete against other organizations. At the conclusion of the CCG, the coveted Corporate Cup will be awarded to the winners!  

UI Health Care is participating in the CCG because it will help with:  

  • Employee Engagement and Resiliency 
  • Health and Well-being 
  • Community Engagement and Connections 

Frequently asked questions:

Who can participate?

To compete at no cost and for company points, participants must be regular employees (full- or part-time), interns or retirees of companies registered for the CCG. 

How do I sign up?
  • Set up an account with Corridor Corporate Games. Our company code is CCGUOFI 
  • Answer the questions on the “My Info” page. 
  • Go to “Dashboard,” and on the left side under ‘My Info” go to “Sign up for Events”
  • When you are signing up for events, you are indicating that you are interested in participating in them. You will be notified via email if you are placed on a team by the company administrator 
  • If you are not interested in competing in sporting events, you can indicate your interest to volunteer.
What if I need to change my registration?

If you are assigned to an activity you are no longer able to attend, use the email company administrator feature, who can reassign someone in your place.

Who else is on my team?

We highly encourage you to recruit your colleagues to be on teams with you. Teams will be assigned in order of interest indicated through the CCG platform. You will be notified via email when you are assigned to a team. 

How do I participate in the Blood Donation Challenge?

The Corridor Corporate Games (CCG) Blood Donation Challenge will take place from May 1 through July 31. If you are a UI employee and eligible to donate, please consider participating in the challenge by donating with the University of Iowa DeGowin Blood Center. Participants should schedule an appointment to donate by calling DeGowin at 356-2058 or register online at uihc.org/degowin. When you arrive for your appointment, notify registration you are donating for the Corridor Corporate Games. DeGowin will keep a tally of each registered donor.

At the end of the challenge, whichever company from each division has the most presenting donors, will win the “CCG Blood Donation Challenge Award.” For more information about the challenge, or to help sponsor a blood drive, please contact Jessie Cunningham via e-mail at jessie-cunningham@uiowa.edu or visit https://www.corridorcorporategames.org/BloodDonationChallenge.

Who can I contact with questions?

In your Corridor Corporate Games dashboard, click the gray contact button to email your company administrator. You can also contact aubry-lyon@uiowa.edu or jackie-kleppe@uiowa.edu with questions.

COVID-19 Guidelines

The Corridor Corporate Games has a list of general COVID-19 guidelines that apply to all in-person events. As time progresses, these guidelines may change. Please review these guidelines  before attending your events.