Staff Spotlight – Samuel Wong, DO, MS

Dr. Wong is Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of Neonatology.

I joined UI healthcare recently in July. I work in the Division of Neonatology. I provide clinical care in the NICU. My academic and scholarly focus will be two areas: 1) assisting the development of our Neonatal-Pediatric Transport program and 2) the development of new tools and utilization of the big data streams collected through Sickbay to improve our delivery of care in the NICU.

I am married. My wife is a nurse, I met her through my primary care clinic during residency. She is a ninja at delivering vaccines to kids. We have a 1 year old son named Emory. He is learning to express himself and is a handful of adorable energy.

I like nature, food and travel documentaries. I am always looking to learn new cooking techniques and incorporate them into new recipes. My current food projects are developing a mean deep dish pizza dough and perfecting a nappa cabbage kimchi. Long term goals are to grow a full-sized watermelon, catch a trout on a dry-fly, and successfully smoke a whole brisket.

My guilty pleasure is Arby’s fast food. I really enjoy fountain Coca-Cola. I will not drink Pepsi.

I enjoy supporting my favorite soccer team, Arsenal, in their quest to win the English Premiere League and Champions League Tournament.

Fun fact: I was a former MN elementary state chess co-champion.

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