Honor Walk Recognition

“I just wanted to give a quick staff shout-out. A patient in the PICU passed prior to me starting PICU nights this past week. She remained on the floor with her family for a few days after she was declared brain dead in preparation for her heroic organ donation. Her Honor Walk occurred in the middle of the night (around 4 AM) a night that I was working this past week. It was an amazing, touching, emotional and overall moving event to witness. I have never been apart of an Honor Walk before, and it was truly incredible. 

What made it even more special was the fact that multiple staff attendings (Dr. Misurac, Dr. Ebach, and Dr. Bola with Pain and Palliative) came in the middle of the night to be apart of it. Maybe this is a normal thing? – Of that I am not sure, but I still thought it was awesome. That night in particular, I really needed that reminder of why we all ultimately choose to go into peds/ medicine – you know, for the love for others, patient/ family connection, and to make a difference not only medically, but in people’s lives. I will never forget what I saw/ experienced in those moments. 

Anyway, just wanted to pass that along; In an uncertain and crazy time not only in the world, but in particular for this patient’s family and friends, it’s so reassuring that there are people like Dr. Misurac, Dr. Ebach, and Dr. Bola who are willing to be there for support, no matter when and where. 🙂

Dr. Bola even came back into the work room after the Honor Walk before she went back home to check in on me and Caroline, which was super nice. 😊”.

-Cari Natvig, PL-3

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