Dr. Schieltz and Dr. Wacker Praised in Article on Telehealth

Dr. Dave Wacker (Professor Emeritus) and Dr. Schieltz were praised in a recent article on telehealth in the field of behavior analysis.

LeBlanc LA, Lerman DC, Norman MP. Behavior analytic contribution to public health and telehealth. J Applied Beh Analysis, 2020, 53, 1208-1218.

From the article:

“Wacker and his colleagues at University of Iowa initiated this research almost 15 years ago when they began to coach parents of young children with autism to conduct functional analyses of problem behavior and to implement functional communication training (FCT) through the internet (Barretto et al., 2006; Wacker et al., 2013a,b). … As a result of research at the University of Iowa and other research labs, our field now has nearly 15 years of evidence demonstrating that telehealth ABA services can make meaningful changes in families’ lives. This evidence undoubtably impacted the number of practitioners who transitioned to telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic and the amount of funding that was available from third parties (e.g., insurance companies) to support these services. In this first special section, Schieltz and Wacker (2020) provide an informative analysis of the type of telehealth work Public Health and Telehealth 1211 pioneered in their lab, along with pointed suggestions to guide the next generation of this research, in “Functional Assessment and Function-Based Treatment Delivered via Telehealth: A Brief Summary.”

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