Colaizy and Terry Named to IRB Biomedical Board

Congratulations to Dr. Tarah Colaizy (Neonatology) and Dr. William Terry (Hem/Onc) on being named to the IRB-01 Biomedical Board of the University’s Human Subjects Office. They will serve a minimum of 2 years but can choose to renew their Board membership at that time.

Research projects involving human participants are reviewed by IRB-01 if:

  • the Principal Investigator is from the College of Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, or the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology in the College of Liberal Arts, College of Public Health* OR
  • the Principal Investigator is from the College of Nursing AND the study involves a physical or physiological intervention that is greater than minimal risk OR
  • the study involves patients at the University of Iowa Health Care (UIHC) OR
  • the study involves access to or creation of any protected health information about the subject that is maintained in UIHC health care provider’s records.
    * the College of Public Health has the option to submit under IRB-02 if none of the above apply.

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