Patient Story Lauding Providers

A parent uploaded praise through the “Share Your Story” link on the children’s hospital website praising several providers, including Drs. Adam Brown and Lori Christensen (General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine); and Dr. Christoph Randak (Pulmonary Medicine).

“In September of 2019, AJ was diagnosed with RSV and hospitalized for two days. Fast forward to the first week of February 2020 and AJ was admitted again, but for 3 different viruses this time; the common human coronavirus, parainfluenza, and RSV once again. Different treatments and medications were attempted, but her cough and “junkiness” just wouldn’t go away. It was a CT scan in mid-March (near the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak) that confirmed a growing mediastinal mass in her chest, which was starting to bump up against her heart and one of her lungs….and she went into surgery to remove the mass less than one week after the CT scan. I was consistently updated during her surgery and all of her care team members spoke to me in a way that I could understand, while maintaining the extreme detail that I desired. From her first stay at Stead to (hopefully!) her last, I can’t speak highly enough about how everything was handled! Putting the life of my child in someone else’s hands was a very nerve-racking, gut-wrenching ordeal for me; especially with her being so young AND during the outbreak of COVID-19. However, I never had a single shred of doubt in her care team at any point in the process and their professionalism, while maintaining the utmost compassion, is unparalleled!”

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