Glowing Peer Comment for Dr. Bhoojhawon

Congratulations to Dr. Guru Bhoojhawon (General Pediatrics, hospitalist) on his glowing peer comment lately:

“I wanted to bring your attention to Dr. Guru Bhoojhawon and his excellent and timely care of a perioperative patient who presented for elective surgery today but had poorly controlled asthma and wheezing. We couldn’t do surgery as planned given her reactive airway, but Dr. Bhoojhawon came and saw the patient right away in the pre-op holding area which was immensely helpful to the patient and her mother (who had been struggling to get the patient’s local primary care doctor to assess the child for asthma for over a year with multiple admissions, oral steroid courses, et al.). He saw to follow-up when ordering medications for the patient on an outpatient basis and further followed up with the mother when one of the medications ended up not being covered by the patient’s insurance and had to be switched for another.

I was blown away by Dr. Bhoojhawon’s professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail when talking to the patient’s mother. He is a credit to your department and he really helped us out today when I consulted him. Thanks for having wonderful pediatric hospitalists like Dr. Bhoojhawon in your department!”

Martha herbst, MD
Clinical assistant professor, anesthesiology

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