Staff Spotlight – Trudy Pierick, ARNP

Trudy is an ARNP in the Division of Cardiology.

My current position is Single Ventricle Program Coordinator. I started as a nursing assistant on 2JCW during my undergraduate education, where I developed a passion for the cardiac population. We spent 3 years in LaCrosse, Wisconsin where I worked on a pediatric floor with a variety of specialty services. We returned to Iowa City in 1993 where I was able to work as an RN on 2JCW while pursuing my master’s degree. Following graduation, I worked as a PNP in the newborn and intermediate nurseries at UIHC for two years before landing a position as inpatient nurse practitioner in Pediatric Cardiology in 2001. As professional staff member, I have been at UIHC for 27 years.

I grew up on a farm in western Iowa 35 miles southeast of Sioux City. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister. I still enjoy going back to the farm and reminiscing my childhood. I married my high school sweetheart from a neighboring farm town. He is a financial analyst at Collins Aerospace (formerly Rockwell Collins) in Cedar Rapids. We have two young adult children. Philip is a free lance saxophonist in Chicago. Alyson is a Peds resident finishing her second year at Emory in Atlanta. She will be applying for Pediatric Cardiology fellowships this summer/fall.

I love to cook and bake. Treats by Trudy is a side business to share my treats with those who need something for a special event or just a pick-me-up. I also enjoy vegetable and flower gardening. We have had the fortune of traveling to a variety of locations nationally and internationally, and hopeful we can do that again soon!

My dream job would be an owner of a small bakery shop where I’m my own boss, serving specialty teas and adult beverages to compliment the baked goods.

China would have to be the most fascinating place I’ve visited because it was different from any other place we have traveled, from geography to people to food to community. This was a mother-son trip over spring break 2019, just after my mother passed away. Given our current pandemic, I’m so glad I took this opportunity to see Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou with many temples and walking along the Great Wall of China.

Favorite meal? I love all kinds of salads!

Favorite sports teams? Iowa Hawkeyes, LA Dodgers, Dallas Cowboys.

Favorite book or movie? Movie-The Hangover-makes me laugh every single time!

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