TIAA Financial Consultants Are Available for Virtual Individual Meetings

I wanted to make sure you – and your employees – are aware that your local TIAA Financial Consultants continue to be available to meet with you to discuss your retirement plan and your investments.  The only difference is that these meetings are now being conducted over the phone or virtually through our web based meetings.  These meetings are secure and only you and the Financial Consultant will be in that virtual meeting room together.  

Above I have provided you with a copy of our schedules for both our University of Iowa meetings and our local Iowa City office meeting dates where our local Financial Consultants will be available to meet during the month of April. 

As you may know TIAA Financial Consultants meet with University of Iowa employees to help them with any questions they have with the University of Iowa retirement plans that they contribute to with TIAA.  These meetings are offered for no additional charge and are provided as a service to the University of Iowa and your employees.

If you would be willing to share this schedule with employees that you support we would be very appreciative.  The attached schedules include information on how to select and reserve a specific meeting time directly with TIAA – for anyone that wishes to do so.

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