Patient Comments for Faculty

Several faculty received very nice comments recently for their dedication to patient care.

For Dr. Gupta:

“Dr. Gupta was amazing, he took his time with us and explained things that we had additional questions on. Our Ultrasound Tech. (Kristy or Kristin) was amazing! As the parents are nerves were high and our daughter was very scared and anxious! She did an amazing job at calming us all down and had a wonderful bedside manner!”

For Dr. Hanna:

“We had a great experience with Dr. Hanna. He helped explain things in a way that my daughter could understand and she felt very comfortable with him. Which really felt like he cared and wanted to help.”

For Dr. Koestner:

“Dr. Koestner was excellent during our stay.  He was attentive and always answered all our questions. He was wonderful.”

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