2nd Annual Professional Well-Being Workshop for Providers in May

We’re happy to announce our next Professional Well-Being Workshop, 9-11am, on Friday, May 8th, 2020, in the Peds Education Center, led by Cate DiCharry, Director of the Writing and Humanities Program at the UI Carver College of Medicine.

Open to all faculty, nurse practitioners, and PA’s (not trainees).

“Sick persons and those who care for them become obligatory storytellers and storylisteners. What else do we think we are doing when we ask someone in pain about their situation?” -Dr. Rita Charon

“Telling Your Story – A Path to Well-Being” This 2-hour workshop will focus on your individual story. Through creative and scholarly texts, as well as writing prompts, we will explore story the way the scholar Louise Rosenblatt conceives it: as a complex event, akin to musical performance, reliant on the personality of the performer—you. Your stories are more than chronicles, anecdotes, or the plotlines of your days; they constitute who you are, how you engage with patients, and ultimately how you practice medicine. We will read fiction, creative nonfiction and other texts, and spend time writing those stories to which you continually return. 

Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of how creative writing and literature can be tools for well-being, empathy, diversion, joy, and, above all, a clearer understanding of the roles of story and storytelling in a medical context.

Also plan to attend her Grand Rounds following the workshop from 12-1pm in the Education Center, on how to use, and model, storytelling in clinical care and education.  

Please let Dr. Amy Stier (amy-stier@uiowa.edu) know if you plan to attend

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