New Grants Awarded to Four Faculty

Congratulations to Dr. Aaron Boes (Neurology), Dr. Osamah Aldoss (Cardiology), Dr. Paul McCray (Pulmonary), and Dr. Damian Krysan (Infectious Diseases) on their recent grants received.

  • Dr. Boes – will receive $209,934 over 3 years from the Sidney J. Baer, Jr. Foundation for “Establishing Neuromodulation/Neuropsychiatry Fellowship”.
  • Dr. Aldoss – will receive $92,973 over 4 years from Emory University / NIH for “Long-term Outcomes after Interventions for Congenital Heart Disease.”
  • Dr. McCray – received $74,165 from the Medical College of Wisconsin / NIH for “Base editing in the Rhesus airway epithelia.”
  • Dr. Krysan – will receive $683,782/year for 5 years (over $3.2 million total) from the NIH for “Genetic and mechanistic analysis of carbon dioxide tolerance in Cryptococcus pathogenesis.”

BMT Program Now a Member of PIDTC

Under the leadership of Dr. Arun Modi (Hematology/Oncology), the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) program is now a part of the Primary Immune Deficiency Treatment Consortium (PIDTC) – an NIH-funded consortium of select children’s hospitals involved in the diagnosis, cutting-edge research, and new clinical trials for Primary Immune deficiency disorders.

This is a great honor and achievement to be included in the PIDTC. “This is a feather in the cap of Dr. Modi and his BMT team”, says Dr. Yatin Vyas, Division Director for Hematology/Oncology.

Three Faculty Receive CCOM Innovation Research Grants

Congratulations to Drs. John Dagle and Jeff Murray (Neonatology), and Dr. Aaron Boes (Neurology) on each receiving a CCOM Innovation Research Grant in the amount of $10,000. Their individual projects are listed below:

  • Dr. Dagle – Identifying novel metabolic predictors of persistent neonatal hypoglycemia.
  • Dr. Murray – Fetal transcripts isolated from maternal serum as biomarkers for birth defects.
  • Dr. Boes – Precision intracranial brain stimulation to treat severe depression: Developing a novel strategy to target symptom-specific causal circuitry.

Two New Publications for Dr. Strathearn

Congratulations to Dr. Lane Strathearn (Division Director, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics) on his most recent publications – one in the Journal of Rural Health and one in Drug and Alcohol Dependency.

Rutherford HJV, Yip SW, Worhunsky PD, Kim S, Strathearn L, Potenza MN, Mayes LC. Differential responses to infant faces in relation to maternal substance use: An exploratory study. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2020 Feb 1;207:107805. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2019.107805. Epub 2019 Dec 16.

Nidey N, Tabb KM, Carter KD, Bao W, Strathearn L, Rohlman DS, Wehby G, Ryckman K. Rurality and Risk of Perinatal Depression Among Women in the United States J Rural Health. 2020 Jan;36(1):9-16. doi: 10.1111/jrh.12401. Epub 2019 Oct 11.

Neonatal Hemodynamics Features in Children’s Hospital Today Magazine

The neonatal hemodynamics program within the Division of Neonatology was the feature of an advertisement in the winter 2020 edition of Children’s Hospital Today, a news magazine of the Children’s Hospital Association. The 2-page spread featured quotes from Dr. Patrick McNamara (Division Director) and Dr. Regan Giesinger as a hemodynamics expert.

Save the Date: Pediatrics Research Day, May 27, 2020

Pediatrics Research Day will be Friday, March 27, 2020.

It will begin at 11:45 AM and take place in 2415 JCP (the conference center auditorium on 2 JCP).

Abstract and Data Blitz slides are due for submission by March 13. Faculty judges for the poster session are also needed. To submit and abstract or slides, or volunteer to judge, please contact Cheri Stevens.

Reminder: The Grand Rounds will take place this day from 1-2 PM (NOT the usual 12-1 time).

The schedule can be downloaded here for distribution, as well as viewed below.

Save the Date: Well-Being Conference for Providers

Providers are invited to attend the well-being conference titled “Telling Your Story – A Path to Well-Being” on Friday, May 8, 2020 from 9:00-11:00 AM.

This 2-hour workshop will focus on your individual story. Through creative and scholarly texts, as well as writing prompts, we will explore story the way the scholar Louise Rosenblatt conceives it: as a complex event, akin to musical performance, reliant on the personality of the performer—you.

The conference will be led by Cate DiCharry, Director of the Writing and Humanities Program in the College of Medicine.

Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of how creative writing and literature can be tools for well-being, empathy, diversion, joy, and, above all, a clearer understanding of the roles of story and storytelling in a medical context.

Please contact Dr. Amy Stier if you plan to attend.

Patient Comments for Faculty

Several faculty received very nice comments recently for their dedication to patient care.

For Dr. Gupta:

“Dr. Gupta was amazing, he took his time with us and explained things that we had additional questions on. Our Ultrasound Tech. (Kristy or Kristin) was amazing! As the parents are nerves were high and our daughter was very scared and anxious! She did an amazing job at calming us all down and had a wonderful bedside manner!”

For Dr. Hanna:

“We had a great experience with Dr. Hanna. He helped explain things in a way that my daughter could understand and she felt very comfortable with him. Which really felt like he cared and wanted to help.”

For Dr. Koestner:

“Dr. Koestner was excellent during our stay.  He was attentive and always answered all our questions. He was wonderful.”