Staff Spotlight – Marie Svatek, MD

Dr. Svatek is Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

I am a General Pediatrician at Cedar Rapids Community Clinic. I have worked for UIHC since March 2017, but provided community pediatric care in Cedar Rapids since 1998. I have my dream job! I have wanted to be a practicing community pediatrician since age 5!

I have a wonderful husband of nearly 25 years, Boe; a 17 year old daughter, Rose, who is a senior at Kennedy High School who is active in Happiness show choir and leadership; and a 15 year old son, Gabe, who is a sophomore at Kennedy High School who is active in Happiness show choir and baseball.

I am the parent food rep for show choir so I feed 60+ high school kids a few days per month at choreography workshops so the cooking keeps me busy! I also am a people person and work hard to maintain friendships with a variety of family and friend groups. I also love to play classical music on my piano!

Most fascinating place I’ve ever lived or visited? I loved visiting Italy when my husband served as a Naval submarine officer in 1997 and also enjoyed living in Connecticut while in residency for 3 years from 1995-1998. The lifestyle on the East coast (food and culture) is quite different from the Midwest. In my opinion NYC is the best city in this country!!!!

I really like to cook at home so my family doesn’t eat out much but I do love FRESH seafood and try to order it when I travel if it’s available!!!!

Favorite sports team? Green Bay Packers- GO PACK GO!!!!

Favorite book or movie? This is tough as I LOVE musicals, especially a live show, but a few in movie form are: Mary Poppins, Fiddler on the Roof, The Music Man, Funny Girl.

If I had 3 wishes, they would be 1. Be able to see a Broadway show every day. 2. Be with some of my relatives and friends who live far away on a more regular basis-see my sister in laws and my best friend from medical school weekly. FaceTime does NOT replace being in the same room with a person. 3. Gain insight from my mom and maternal grandmother who died twenty years ago- I miss them as mentors and role models!

Fun fact: On New Year’s Eve each year I identify a color theme for the following year and try to incorporate the color into my daily life. Last year it was PINK- my favorite color as I turned 50 in 2019 so I wanted to celebrate myself. For 2020- I suspect it will be RED as 2 of my sister in laws turn 50 in 2020 and my daughter, Rose, graduated from high school as well so it will be a RED HOT year!!!!

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