Dr. Staber Shines Bright at ASH

Congratulations to Dr. Janice Staber (Hematology/Oncology) on her recent publication highlights for the American Society of Hematology (ASH).

First, she was a contributor for an online article for the ASH Clinical News about updates in the treatment and management of hemophilia in October 2019.

Secondly, she was the author on a series of *daily* articles for the ASH Daily News, published during the annual ASH meeting December 7-10, 2019 in Orlando, FL. The articles are linked below.

Dr. Colburn Publishes in Journal of Adolescent Health

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Colburn on his recent publication in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Colburn MD, Harris E, Lehmann C, Widdice LE, Klein MD. Adolescent Depression Curriculum Impact on Pediatric Residents’ Knowledge and Confidence to Diagnose and Manage Depression. Journal of Adolescent Health. 66(2), February 2020, Pages 240-246.

From the Abstract: In this study, few residents reported experience initiating medication or managing adolescent depression in the continuity clinic. Residents demonstrated increased self-assessed knowledge and confidence to diagnose and manage adolescent depression after participation in a case-based adolescent depression curriculum simulating patient-provider continuity. Incorporation of training on management of adolescent depression into AM rotation may be a feasible option to standardize training within pediatric residency.

Dr. Dagle Receives Distinguished Alumnus Award

Dr John Dagle was selected as a recipient of the Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine Distinguished Alumnus Award for service towards clinical care and research in the field of Neonatal-Perinatal care. The committee singled out Dr. Dagle’s commitment towards the Iowa Statewide Perinatal Program and education of the future generation of neonatal leaders as examples of exemplary care.

Staff Spotlight – Rebecca Harman, DNP, ARNP

Rebecca is an ARNP in the Division of Pediatric Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation, primarily based out of Des Moines.

I currently am an ARNP in Pediatric Nephrology, with my primary location based in Des Moines to aid in expanding services to the Des Moines metro and surrounding areas. I cover inpatient and outpatient services, and started this position in February 2019. My entire bedside nursing career was at the University of Iowa! I began as a staff nurse in CVICU in 2011 followed by PICU in 2013-2017. I was also a member of the ECMO team at the University. Prior to returning back to the U, I was practicing as an ARNP in the PICU at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, where I continue to practice there on a casual basis.

My fiancé and I moved to Des Moines in August 2018, we currently live in Urbandale. We have 2 pets, a 2 year old black lab named Tucker, and a cat named Beans (which oddly enough, she responds to).

I enjoy spending time at home and visiting with family. I also enjoy staying active with running, cross training and hot yoga. My goal is to get back into training for races, life has just been busy recently! I also enjoy doing craft projects when time allows. My fiancé and I like to check out new or different breweries when we have the opportunity to. I have been busy with planning our wedding for next Spring, so that has been taking up a fair amount of free time!

Most fascinating place I’ve visited or lived? This isn’t necessarily a fascinating place, but it certainly one of my favorites places for many reasons – England! It means a lot to be able to see immediate family and friends when we go over to visit. When living over there previously, we did do some traveling but I was quite young to appreciate the architecture and history that is there. So recently over the last few visits, I have been making it a point to travel to places around England and surrounding areas that I either have never been to, or went to when I was younger to explore more about the areas and actually do some ‘touristy’ things there. I also love the ease of traveling around Europe once you are over there, so my hope is to continue to add additional places to my list as time goes on.

I would eat breakfast for every meal if I could! And, I am a lover of Cadburys chocolate, the real Cadburys made in England of course.

Favorite sports teams? Iowa Hawkeyes is the only team that we can agree on! I am otherwise a fan of the Bears and the Cubs, my fiancé has been determined to get me to cross sides to support Minnesota, however I’m reluctant. I also follow the premier league, and am a Manchester United fan.

Favorite book or movie? I’ve enjoyed the series by Rachel Hollis recently, but otherwise like to read crime/suspense novels.

Fun fact: I have dual citizenship! I was born in England and have moved to the United States on two occasions, so my family became efficient with moving! We moved here permanently when I started high school. We were granted US citizenship in 2010.

Staff Spotlight – Marie Svatek, MD

Dr. Svatek is Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

I am a General Pediatrician at Cedar Rapids Community Clinic. I have worked for UIHC since March 2017, but provided community pediatric care in Cedar Rapids since 1998. I have my dream job! I have wanted to be a practicing community pediatrician since age 5!

I have a wonderful husband of nearly 25 years, Boe; a 17 year old daughter, Rose, who is a senior at Kennedy High School who is active in Happiness show choir and leadership; and a 15 year old son, Gabe, who is a sophomore at Kennedy High School who is active in Happiness show choir and baseball.

I am the parent food rep for show choir so I feed 60+ high school kids a few days per month at choreography workshops so the cooking keeps me busy! I also am a people person and work hard to maintain friendships with a variety of family and friend groups. I also love to play classical music on my piano!

Most fascinating place I’ve ever lived or visited? I loved visiting Italy when my husband served as a Naval submarine officer in 1997 and also enjoyed living in Connecticut while in residency for 3 years from 1995-1998. The lifestyle on the East coast (food and culture) is quite different from the Midwest. In my opinion NYC is the best city in this country!!!!

I really like to cook at home so my family doesn’t eat out much but I do love FRESH seafood and try to order it when I travel if it’s available!!!!

Favorite sports team? Green Bay Packers- GO PACK GO!!!!

Favorite book or movie? This is tough as I LOVE musicals, especially a live show, but a few in movie form are: Mary Poppins, Fiddler on the Roof, The Music Man, Funny Girl.

If I had 3 wishes, they would be 1. Be able to see a Broadway show every day. 2. Be with some of my relatives and friends who live far away on a more regular basis-see my sister in laws and my best friend from medical school weekly. FaceTime does NOT replace being in the same room with a person. 3. Gain insight from my mom and maternal grandmother who died twenty years ago- I miss them as mentors and role models!

Fun fact: On New Year’s Eve each year I identify a color theme for the following year and try to incorporate the color into my daily life. Last year it was PINK- my favorite color as I turned 50 in 2019 so I wanted to celebrate myself. For 2020- I suspect it will be RED as 2 of my sister in laws turn 50 in 2020 and my daughter, Rose, graduated from high school as well so it will be a RED HOT year!!!!

Staff Spotlight – Joanne Kilburg

Joanne is a Sec II in the Child Health Specialty Clinic in Clinton, IA.

I work for the Child Health Specialty Clinic a regional Clinic here in Clinton, Iowa for 8 years. I am the Secretary here, which in the regional clinic world that means a jack of all trades. One minute I can be answering phones, the next I can be babysitting kids, the next I can be fixing phone or Internet problems.

I am a very happy and blessed mother and grandmother. My children are Kyle, Jacob, Chance and Hollie. Chance and girlfriend Chloe have my grandson Emmett. Hollie who is married to Chris have my grandsons Jason and Devon. I also have a grandson Briar who lives in Indiana from my son Jacob who passed away that my son Kyle help raise.

In my free time I love spending time with my family and friends. My new hobby has been walking, since March 30th I have walked almost 3 million steps and have done 3 marathons and my next marathon is coming up in February called the Burry Scurry. I have lost 50 lbs just from mostly walking. My new motto is “eat less move more,” it’s that simple.

I haven’t been there yet but I am planning a pilgrimage walk in Spain on the El Camino De Santiago. I have a nephew who teaches over there so I hope he can go with me and be my interpreter.

My dream job would be to work for the Iowa Donor Foundation because I had a son who was a organ donor and I also have a son who was an organ recipient. Organ donation is so very important and everyone should be an organ donor, it is such a gift to donate an organ.

Favorite meal or restaurant? I don’t have a favorite but I love eating at little Mom & Pop shops or little dives that may not look like the best places but have the best food and that includes food trucks and street vendors. You always get the best food at a reasonable price.

My favorite sport teams are Iowa Hawkeyes, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Chicago Cubs.

Favorite book or movie? I love any autobiography, book or movie, because its about the real person and their true experiences in life. I learn so much from other people’s stories, it’s like having a mentor.

If I had 3 wishes, they would be 1.) To win the lottery, but not so much that I go wild like the curse of the lottery people, but just enough to pay everything off, help my kids, and retire if I want. 2.) That there was no such thing as freezing rain. 3.) World Peace

Fun fact: I am honorary Irish and proud. I love St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate it every day of the year. My Irish decorations stay up all year round, I just incorporate whatever holiday or season it is with them, for example I have an Irish Christmas tree instead of bulbs I use shamrocks. I even was commodore this year at the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Main Avenue in Clinton, it was so much fun. There is a continuous countdown until the next St. Patrick’s Day.