Garton Receives “You Make a Difference” Award

Congratulations to Seth Garton, MS, RCEP, an Exercise Physiologist in pediatric cardiology for a recent You Make a Difference award as nominated by a patient’s family. From the nomination:

“On Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019, I had a scare at home with [our daughter] as we didn’t know her pacemaker was malfunctioning. We called UIHC and cardiology dept to see what needed to do and got all our answers. Mark Olsen told us to get [her] out here ASAP. So I did. I was so scared. But when I got here, they took her back and were so good to her even when she was scared. They comforted me and [our daughter] the whole time. But the really scary part was in the elevator coming back from the chest x‐ray when she had a spell and he was right there and comforted [our daughter] and made sure she was ok and not scared. He walked slowly beside her as I pushed the wheelchair she was in and made sure he had his hands ready to catch her while walking backwards. He’s an amazing young man that will do Great and Amazing things for this hospital and any adventures he pursues! [We] thank you so very much!”

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