Staff Spotlight – Ana Cary, MD

Dr. Ana Cary is Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and works primarily at the North Liberty clinic.

I have been married to Chris Cary for 16 wonderful years. We have a very spunky 7 year old daughter who keeps us busy going to her swim classes and voice classes. I am 100% Mexican and like to think I bring some much needed spice to my husbands life and because of me my daughter is pretty spicy as well.

We enjoy family fun nights-we order pizza and allow everyone to eat while watching a movie together. Of course popcorn is eaten as well during these nights. We also enjoy the beach which is the one of the main things I miss about not living in California anymore. 1-2 times a year we vacation to a sunny beach location. We like Cancun a lot and Hawaii.

My dream job? I would say something not far off from what I do now. I very much enjoy walking beside parents through all the ups and downs of child-rearing. After a while you start to feel like part of the family and routine well checks begin to feel like a visit catching up with old friends. It’s a job that does not feel like work at all which has always been what I’ve considered “just livin the dream”.

Most fascinating place I’ve ever visited? Probably visiting my mothers childhood home in Hidalgo, Mexico. It was a shack with only 3 walls. She said that’s how it was when she was growing up as well…..3 walls? What?

Favorite meal or restaurant? Anything my mother makes, she is amazing and the smells from her kitchen can make anyone’s worries and stresses fade away. She visits every Summer and makes anything I want-tortillas, enchiladas, arroz, frijoles, guacamole, tamales. And no, I have not found a restaurant anywhere in Iowa that comes anywhere close to her cooking.

Favorite sports team? The Raiders. I know-not a popular choice but that’s been my team since I was in grade school. I even have a Raiders jacket! I went to the super bowl to watch them play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003. I did not wear my jacket to that game because my brother in law was playing for the Bucs so I had to switch teams just that once.

Favorite book or movie? This depends on my mood. I really like romantic comedies (surprise surprise) but I also enjoy all action films. For a favorite book…I feel like I should say something smart, The Red Book….obviously.

I wouldn’t say this is a fun fact but I grew up on a grape farm in central California. My parents still live there in the same house. I grew up completely despising any and all school vacations because that meant I had to work more in the grape field my father owned. It was always his dream to have his own farm because growing up he was a migrant farm worker and he always told himself he would one day have his own farm. Every Summer break I would pick grapes, roll the trays, shake and box them and we sold that to Sun-Maid. We worked from sun up to sun down. Every Winter break I would prune and tie the grape vines. It was NOTHING like A Walk In The Clouds. Also, my mother is one of 13 children and my father is one of 8. I have a whole lot of cousins.

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