Staff Spotlight – Jan Wagoner

Jan is an the Office Coordinator for Pediatric Records Management.

I have been at the University for almost 18 years. I have always worked in the Pediatric Department. I was hired as a Sec-II transcriptionist. A few years later the transcription department and chart control department were combined into the Pediatric Records Management Department, and soon after I became the Office Coordinator for this group. I work with six other ladies in Records Management. Our duties include scanning documents, loading faxes from outside facilities, analysis of patient records after discharge, loading labs, processing the mail for Pediatrics, QA of all scanned information, gathering loose core and doc folders from inpatient units and processing that information, and transcription of the NICU patient progress notes.

I have been married for 44 years to my husband, Denny. We have two children, Brad (42), and Bethany (39). We also have 3 grandchildren ages 18 years, 9 years, and 20 months. We have a step-grandson and he has blessed us with two great-grandchildren, ages 3 years and 17 months. My two youngest grandchildren and both great-grandchildren were NICU babies! My husband retired from the Iowa Department of Transportation after 30 years. I have lived in Iowa in the small town of Columbus Junction my entire life.

I spend as much time as possible with the grandchildren, but I really enjoy time with the whole family – that just isn’t as easy to coordinate as I wish it was. Other things I have enjoyed are attending Nascar races, especially the Daytona 500 multiple times. We enjoy going fishing in Minnesota. My sister and her husband run a fishing resort so that enables us to have relaxation and family time! We enjoy golfing, going to Dubuque Greyhound Park and betting on the dogs, Hawkeye Football and Hawkeye Women’s Basketball!

I think I am at the point in my life where my dream job would be retirement! I’m getting close!

Favorite place to visit? We went on a Caribbean Cruise earlier this year to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Jamaica. Beautiful scenery and the colors of the ocean were amazing!

Favorite meal? I enjoy Mexican food – nothing too spicy though!

I haven’t taken the time to read in years – but one book that stands out in my memory is “Let’s Roll” by Lisa Beamer, the wife of 911 Hero, Todd Beamer. I don’t go to many movies, but did recently see “Breakthrough” with Chrissy Metz and thought it was a very good movie.

If I had 3 wishes – 1) Happiness and Health for my family 2) A safe/better world for my grandchildren (all children) to grow up in 3) Publisher’s Clearing House to show up on my front step with that big check!

Fun fact: I have worked a part time job at Sharpless Auctions in Iowa City for over 20 years. They hold a weekly consignment auction on Wednesday evenings. Over the years I have worked as a clerk, cashier, ticket runner, and occasionally in the kitchen, but have been a full time clerk for many years. As a clerk I work with an auctioneer and am responsible for recording the information for items sold. This information includes a brief description of the item sold, the price paid, the buyer’s number, and the lot number of the seller. This can be pretty fast paced at times. I enjoy this job because of the wide variety of items sold, the variety of customers, and the great employees I work with. You never know what you will see at this auction!

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