Staff Spotlight – Michael Colburn, MD, MEd

Dr. Colburn is Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, and is the Director of the Adolescent Medicine program.

Husband Mike (yes we are both named Mike 😉 and I have been together for going on 12 years. We have 2 fur babies, Archer (a rescue black lab/border collie mix) and Bender (a Shetland sheepdog).

I’m a kid at heart. I enjoy comics, cards, and cocktails. Mike and I are always looking for friends to start up a game night.

My passion is teaching residents how to provide awesome care to adolescents … so I’m kind of already doing my dream job :-D.

Most fascinating place I’ve ever lived? … I have lived in Kentucky … interesting adventure to say the least.

Favorite food? Tacos have a special place in my heart.

I am a UW alumni for both undergrad and medical school … soooo Go Badgers!

Favorite book or movie? I enjoy curling up with a good scare and find myself thumbing through Steven King’s collection of short stories from time to time. I am a fantasy nerd at heart so LotR will always win this question. I enjoy classic stories that are reinvented … especially when the focus is on the villain of the classic tale.

Three wishes: Alright do I Lisa or Bart this … truthfully 1. The health and wellness of my friends and loved ones (and myself) 2. Debts forgiven for my colleagues and family (and myself) 3. To always be able to keep doing what I love and that brings me joy.

Fun fact about yourself? … you will just have to ask me this one in person …

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