Staff Spotlight – Deborah Lin-Dyken, MD

Dr. Lin-Dyken is Clinical Professor in the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

I have been here 31 years, the first 3 as a Fellow in Developmental Disabilities, then as an Associate, Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor.

I have been married to Mark Eric Dyken, MD for 31 years! We have 2 wonderful children. Our daughter Jennifer is 28, graduated from UI with a degree in biology, and lives in Madison, WI, where she is the Instructional Specialist for the internal medicine residency at the University of Wisconsin. Our son, Mark, is 24, graduated from UI with a degree in Human Physiology and is currently an MPH student in the College of Public Health. We also have a dog Remus and a cat Buddy!

In my free time I like to exercise, travel, read, cook (and eat)!

My dream job would be as a restaurant critic – I love to try new foods!

Most fascinating place ever lived or visited? Shanghai, China. It is where my parents were born and raised.

Favorite meal or restaurant? Dim sum!

Favorite book or movie? Book: “Where The Wild Things Are”, by Maurice Sendak. It is the first book our daughter ever “read”. Movie: “Forrest Gump”.

My 3 wishes? 1. To cruise around the world 2. To have met my grandparents 3. For the Hawkeyes to win the BCS!

Fun fact? I love Broadway musicals!

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