Staff Spotlight – Marguerite Oetting, MD

Dr. Oetting is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

I have worked in the Division of General Pediatrics since 2008. Before that I worked at Pediatric Associates in Iowa City for 10 years.

I am married to Tom Oetting, residency Director for Ophthalmology and we have 3 grown children. Drew is a venture capitalist in San Francisco, Lilli is computer engineer in Austin and Blake is a graduate student in Art History at NYU. We also share our home with two shih-tzus.

In my free time I am learning how to work in the political environment. I am the Immediate Past President of the Iowa AAP and in that role have met legislators in DC and Des Moines, proposed and helped to pass legislation, lobbied/educated legislators and committees and connected many Iowa Pediatricians to state committees to leverage our expertise. My goal is to hear all the presidential hopefuls speak at least once in this caucus cycle!

I have my dream job! 12 years ago I helped to start Healthy Kids School Clinic, a clinic for uninsured children and youth in Johnson County. Serving this group of children and their families who have no other access to healthcare in a school setting was my goal from the time I first stepped into a school clinic in Greensboro, NC during residency. I had the great pleasure of presenting the Healthy Kids Clinic Story poster to my mentor, Dr. Jane Foy, at the American Academy of Pediatrics national meeting in 2018. That was a very special experience!

Most fascinating places I’ve ever visited? Patagonia and Atacama Chile. Tom and I hiked at the “end of the world” in May and it was truly astounding.

Favorite restaurant? Any restaurant with outdoor seating downtown! Love to people watch…

My favorite sport to watch is tennis and my favorite players to watch are Roger Federer and Madison Keys (who grew up in Moline).

Favorite movie? Romantic Comedies, possibly Princess Bride is my all time favorite.

If I had 3 wishes they would be: 1. Universal Healthcare 2. Universal kindness and tolerance 3. More time to travel.

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