Dr. Hong Receives Praise for Patient Care

Congratulations to Dr. Sandy Hong (Rheumatology) for a recent positive comment from a patient’s family!

“In 2014, we noticed that Lia’s knees were very swollen. She was having trouble running, going up and down stairs, and had quite a limp when she walked. We took her to our pediatrician who referred us to Dr. Hong at UI Children’s Hospital. Lia also lives with heart disease and has endured 3 open heart surgeries, so we were quite nervous to add yet another diagnoses to her health issues. Dr. Hong determined that Lia had rheumatoid arthritis and began treatment right away. Now, at age 7, we can happily say that Lia’s arthritis is in remission. There is no cure for arthritis, so she continues to be monitored.    

Dr. Hong always takes time to talk with us and make sure we understand everything going on with Lia. We are so thankful for the good care we received at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital!”

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