Staff Spotlight – Dr. Patrick McNamara

Dr. McNamara is Professor of Pediatrics, and Division Director of the Division of Neonatology.

I was appointed the Division Director of Neonatology in June 2018 and have established the Hemodynamic Program with the assistance of Dr Regan Giesinger.

I have a wife, Christine, and 4 children [Karl, Gareth, Cian and Saffron]. My oldest son Karl will be attending medical school at NUI, Galway (Ireland) and my youngest son will be playing NCAA1 soccer this fall at Western Illinois University.

My passion is “football” (the round ball). I have coached high level soccer for over 10 years and my 1999 boys team were ranked 2 in Canada. I took them on international travel to play professional academies in Brazil and Uruguay. I would love to coach professional football – in particular Liverpool soccer club.

The most fascinating place in the world is my home country of Ireland – the people, the history, the culture and the landscape are breathtaking.

My favorite sports teams are Liverpool FC…..and the Toronto Raptors basketball team.

If I had 3 wishes, they would be to attend the world cup final, watch my son play professional soccer, and for the Iowa Neonatology program to be number 1 in the world.

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