Staff Spotlight – Dr. Amy Stier

Dr. Stier is Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Program Director of the Pediatrics Residency Program, and the Chief Wellness Officer for the Department.

I came to Iowa City for medical school and haven’t left! I did pediatrics residency and a chief resident year before starting as faculty, and have done newborn nursery and hospitalist work as well as outpatient clinic over the years. I started out my first year as faculty as an associate residency program director, and after 5 years took over as the PD. I’ve also served as the associate CMIO during the Epic roll out, and built a few Epic tools for peds that we still use. Recently I became the departmental Chief Wellness Officer as well.

My husband Matt followed me to Iowa from Minnesota after college and a year of volunteering, and has been a science teacher in the area for 10 years. He went back to graduate school and will finish his PhD in Educational Leadership next spring. We have two daughters that will both be at NW Junior High in the fall, Nora in 8th grade and Marie in 7th. We also have a fish named Basil. Our entire extended family lives in Minnesota, where we visit often.

Family has taken up most of my free time over the last few years. I love to read, and will go through a book or two a week if given the chance. I become a news junkie during election season, and read the NY Times each morning over coffee. Being outside makes me calm and happy, so anything I can do near grass, trees, and water is good.

I am truly doing my dream job right now. The chance to practice medicine, work with kids and empower families, and help trainees and colleagues get to where they want to be, is exactly what I should be doing with my career. I like jobs that give me a chance to solve problems, and I think I’ve found my share of them over the years here! It’s also tremendously rewarding to see people grow and learn and become better here, and I’ve been around the program long enough to know people all over the country that have called Iowa home.

Most fascinating place I’ve ever visited or lived? I spent a semester in London, England, when I was in college. I went over with all of the theater majors (no other serious bio majors!), and lived right off of Hyde Park. We arrived on the day before Princess Diana’s funeral, so it was a busy time to be there. I went to shows and museums for class, and had tea with my physiology professor. I also had the chance to travel all over Europe before coming back. I intend to go back again in the next few years.

Favorite book or movie? I mostly read nonfiction, and have several genres that I pick from. My favorites over the last few years have been by Doris Kearns Goodwin – especially “Team of Rivals”. Recently I decided to go through the PBS “Great American Read” series and loved Gilead. I also tend to re-read those that speak to me or teach me something, and love to share or get recommendations for books to try out. So many good ones!

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