Staff Spotlight – Cassie Wagner, ARNP

Cassie is a weekend option nurse practitioner in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit.

I’ve been a weekend option Nurse Practitioner in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit since June 2018, former PICU staff RN (April 2005-October 2014) and Neonatal/Pediatric Transport RN (April 2007-March 2013).

I have a husband, Matthew, and two sons, Kellen (age 7) and Cody (age 2).

I’m a busy mom of 2 busy boys, but if I had hobbies my dream would be to sleep, then binge Netflix!

My dream job would be any job where I can help children to achieve their fullest possible health, and support parents to care for them.

My favorite restaurant is Northwestern Steakhouse in my home town of Mason City, Iowa-delicious!

I love the Hawkeyes (of course!), and if I had 3 wishes they would be for my family’s health, happiness, and like a bazillion dollars.

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