Staff Spotlight – J. Muse Davis, MD, PhD

Dr. Davis is Assistant Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases.

I work in the Pediatric Infectious Disease division. I have been here since July of 2018.

I have my dream job. I spend the majority of my time in the lab, studying infection and inflammation using zebrafish. I also see patients as an ID consultant. Clinical work can be hard but it is also very energizing and inspirational for research.

Most fascinating place I’ve ever visited? Ape Cave is a lava tube near Mt. St. Helens. It has very interesting rock formations. No apes though.

My favorite book or movie is constantly changing. Right now Godard’s “A Band a Part” is my favorite movie, after a recent obsession with “Topsy Turvy”. Favorite books have included Moby Dick and Vineland, among others.

Fun fact: Once there was an action figure made of me. Just one.

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